Cleansing & Skincare

Body Wipes

100% Natural & Organic

Biodegradable Body Wipes.

Cruelty-Free & Sustainably-Sourced.

Reduce post-sweat prep-time without compromising your skincare. 



Shower-Fresh Confidence in a Convenient Biodegradable Body Wipe

Rasaa allows you to look & feel your best and keep up with personal 

& professional commitments without ever compromising your active lifestyle or skincare routine. 

Each one-step cleansing & skincare towel delivers instant freshness anywhere & anytime. 

We rely on carefully selected, sustainably sourced natural & organic ingredients 

that effectively cleanse, protect, & nourish your skin. 

Our 100% plant-based personal wipes are not just super soft and incredibly durable, they are also biodegradable & compostable. 

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Here's Why We Love 'em

Rasaa Body Wipes deliver one-step cleansing & skincare - anytime & anywhere.


Effective, Efficient, Convenient.

Rasaa is a one-step cleansing & skincare solution that delivers shower-fresh confidence anytime & anywhere. 

Clean Ingredients that Complement Your Unique Skincare Needs.

Rasaa is formulated with carefully selected natural & organic ingredients that improve the look & feel of your skin. What you won't find in Rasaa? Harmful ingredients  like detergents, parabens, or synthetics.


Earth, Farm, & Animal Friendly

Rasaa Cleansing and Skincare Towels are biodegradable & compostable. Our products are formulated with sustainably, ethically, and when possible, locally sourced ingredients. Rasaa is vigorously tested, but never on animals.