Rasaa Trial Set

Rasaa Trial Set

The Rasaa Variety Pack is the best of three worlds. All Rasaa body wipes provide  effective full-body cleansing, but Balance, Immerse, and Renew are each formulated with select ingredients that deliver unique skin nourishing and enhancing benefits.  


  • Rasaa Balance harnesses the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of lavender and frankincense to maintain your skin's natural moisture barrier and achieve perfect harmony. 
  • Rasaa Renew relies on the power of lemongrass and grapefruit to enhance your skin's overall immunity and reduce imperfections for noticeably clearer skin.
  • Rasaa Immerse is formulated with chamomile and rose to gently cleanse, hydrate, repair, and regenerate your skin. 


Try them all to find your favourite #RasaaReady experience! 

  • What Makes Rasaa Unique?

    Rasaa reduces post-sweat prep-time without compromising your skincare routine. 

    Formulated with organic tea tree and sandlewood, Rasaa is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungafor a natural yet effective cleansing experience. Unlike other body wipes, Rasaa Immerse, Renew, & Balance are each formulated with carefully selected organic ingredients that cater to your unique skincare needs. The result: shower-fresh confidence in a fraction of the time & beautiful skin all the time!

    Rasaa is committed to you & our planet. 

    Our goal at Rasaa is to make products that make you feel great and that you can feel great about using. We are committed to clean ingredients and a clean environment. That is why you’ll never find harmful ingredients like parabens and synthetics in any of our products. We rely only on organic, ethically, sustainably, and whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients. Made with 100% natural plant fibres, all Rasaa Cleansing & Skincare towels are entirely biodegradable and compostable. We are obsessed with quality and we rigorously test all of our products, but never ever on furry friends.

    We strive for maximum convenience with minimal environmental waste.

    Each Rasaa pack includes 5 full body cleansing & skincare towels. Our discreet packs easily fit in any small space, and, unlike soft, peel and stick packages, our durable & waterproof zipper-seal packaging is built to withstand any adventure!

  • Product Size

    5in x 7in - 3 packs, 5 cleansing towels per pack. 

  • #RasaaReady

    Use Rasaa after a long flight, a mid-day workout, an afternoon at the beach, or a day spent golfing or fishing. Rasaa gives you shower-fresh confidence anytime and anywhere.


    How to use: Rasaa is a one-step waterless cleansing and skincare towel. To get #RasaaReady, simply wipe down and carry on! 


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