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Getting Ready After a Workout - Simplified!

Finding time (and motivation) for a daily workout isn't as simple or easy as we'd like. It's no wonder that for most of us, the time and hassle of getting ready after a workout is enough reason (and excuse) to skip a day...or three.

Getting ready after a workout is time consuming, and unless you're working out in the morning, it means getting ready twice in one day (who has time for that!?!).

These three simple tips will reduce the time it takes to get ready - making it easier to stay on track with your fitness goals. Best of all, with these tips, getting ready faster won't mean compromising your skincare.

1. Hair - Protect & Primp

To keep hair dry and maintain volume, put your hair in a high ponytail and use a sweat absorbing headband (like Lululemon's Fly Away Tamer).

For those extra sweaty days, use a natural dry shampoo (like Conscious Care’s Bomb Powder). A good quality dry shampoo will absorb excess sweat, deodorize with a subtle scent, boost volume, and give you that effortless look we all love.

2. Body - Quick Cleanse

It’s like you took a shower - only you didn’t. But you did save 15 minutes - & you look great!

Rasaa Variety Pack

Even if communal gym showers are your thing, jumping into a steamy shower after a sweaty workout isn't as appealing or as time-efficient as we'd like. But lingering in the salty & sweaty remnants of your workout is definitely not an option either.

When you don't have time for a shower (or access to one), use a natural shower alternative (like Rasaa Cleansing & Skincare towels). A single biodegradable Rasaa body wipe will instantly and effectively cleanse, deodorize, moisturize, and protect your skin.

Plus, with natural therapeutic scents like Sandalwood and Lavender, you'll come out feeling refreshed and relaxed- inside and out.

3. Skincare - Get the Glow

Adding a multi-step skincare routine to your workout is frankly more exhausting than beating last week’s squat record. Rasaa body wipes simplify your skincare without compromising your skin. So you get the glowing skin you crave, without the skincare steps you dread.

Rasaa is a one-step cleansing and skincare experience.

Unlike other body wipes, each of our three lines is formulated with carefully selected organic ingredients that nourish and enhance your unique skin:

Cheers to doing it all, without looking like you've broken a sweat!

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