Our Story

Rasaa was developed to reduce post-sweat prep-time without compromising skincare; allowing you to achieve it all while looking and feeling your best. 

Whether you biked to work today, want to make barre class before a big meeting, or are headed to a client site after a long flight, Rasaa body wipes provide shower-clean confidence in a convenient one-step disposable cleansing and skincare towel. 

When I started practicing as new lawyer, I found little to no time for a daily run. I was at my dream job doing what I’d always wanted to do, but running was my way to decompress and I felt like I was losing a part of myself. I started to run anytime I could. Often, it would be in the middle of the day or between leaving work and going to a networking event. When I didn’t have time or access to a shower, I would use baby wipes.

At the time, a few of my friends and colleagues were also using baby wipes as a way to fit a midday workout into their hectic work and personal schedules. The problem with baby wipes was that I never felt fully clean. Even worse, I started developing back, chest, and neck acne that was so severe that it affected my confidence. I desperately wanted a solution that would reduce post-run prep-time and work with my sensitive acne-prone skin. After trying various products with no success, I decided to make the product I was searching for. 

I’ve used Rasaa for over two years, and I can truly say that it has changed my life. Rasaa is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal for effective and efficient cleansing. Rasaa Balance, Renew, and Immerse are each carefully formulated with all organic ingredients to work with your unique skincare needs and eliminate the need for post-shower skincare routine.

I created Rasaa to bring you a product that makes you feel great, and that you can feel great about using; our cleansing and skincare towels are not only super soft and incredibly durable, they are also entirely biodegradable and compostable.